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Most small business owners like you need expert guidance to maximize profit, stay compliant and strategize growth and opportunity.

The staff at Farrow & Associates works carefully with you to deliver expert advice so you can make tough decisions about your company.
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Our Greater Milwaukee accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning and wealth management services can make the difference for your Wisconsin small business. We help you make decisions to meet deadlines and prepare the documents in between.


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for over three decades

The history of Farrow & Associates is built upon a tradition of service, technical expertise, and innovative thinking to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world. The experience and academic credentials of our partners and staff provide our clients with the expertise of larger firms, while our commitment to superior customer service offers a personal, one-on-one approach.

We have been a presence in Milwaukee Metro for over three decades. Some Wisconsin Accountants strive for quantity. Our accountants strive for quality.

Farrow & Associates - Wisconsin CPA

In 1980 Greg Farrow opened an accounting practice for Milwaukee area small businesses. Three decades later, Farrow & Associates services hundreds of businesses throughout Wisconsin. Farrow & Associates has developed a standardized accounting system that helps our clients organize their accounting process.

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our accountants
strive for quality

Farrow & Associates offers full service accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and financial planning.

Over the last 30+ years we've updated and expanded our range of services to provide the most modern small business accounting possible. At the same time we have retained our core system, which is to help business owners succeed. We are here to help you, you are not alone.